May 13 2014

5 Places to get Free Boxes (and a moving update!)

So, I thought I’d quickly type out an update on our moving status since I won’t be doing a ton of blogging during our moving weekend which, hey, it’s this weekend. So here’s what’s up.

The kid’s room is packed, mostly. Their toys have been all but confiscated, with about 10-15 toys for playing over the next three days and the rest packed up. All the broken toys and those with missing pieces are in the trash and the extra clothes have been packed with only a box of clothes for wearing.

The extra pantry supplies have been packed, I’ve determined we have so much food we don’t have to buy anything ever again. This is an exaggeration of course, but there was a lot of food. I’ve also packed a small amount of my clothes, woo!I’ve even let myself reorganize and pack some of our overflow of toiletries, even though I said I wouldn’t.

I figured I’d also share a note on how we’re getting all our boxes for free, instead of paying for shipping or moving boxes. I recommend searching these sources if you’re moving or need to store things.

1) & 2) We’ve been able to obtain almost all our boxes by talking to the manager at a grocery store as well as one of the main care providers at the kids’ daycare.

3) I also suggest you talk to your employer. If your company uses a significant amount of office supplies or if there’s any type of retail business associated with your company there will be a sufficient number of boxes flowing through, just make sure you ask before they get broken down for trash/recycling.  I did end up getting a few from work even though we’re a small veterinary clinic.

4) I’d also suggest talking to any friends you have that are in direct sales, as they frequently get boxes coming through their home or their party hosts and customers are getting boxes. Just ask them about a month before moving if they can save their boxes and have their clients do the same.

5) If you need big boxes, hit up your local wholesale/club stores and cooperative stores. They typically buy things in large bulk amounts and are a lot friendlier about giving their boxes away than other major super stores.

Bonus! If you’re part of a military community or you live near a military installation and have friends that are military affiliated, ask them to reach out to their friends. People are moving constantly year round and it’s common practice to just pass along your boxes after you’ve unpacked to other people who are just getting ready to move. Because they’re typically just really friendly & helpful, they’d likely give you their boxes even if you’re not part of the military community.

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